5 Practical Ways of Using that Extra Room in Your House

There is a lot of space in many people’s homes that goes completely unexploited. It’s all around us and we don’t even realise it’s there and that it can be used in all sorts of ways we often don’t come to think of. Here are some of the best ways to effectively use that spare room in your home.

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Make the most of the little spaces

A great idea for using up corners or the space between large furniture is to instead put a metal or plastic rod between walls or large items such as shelving units. You can use this space to hang your clothes or anything else you want to on. You can do the same with shelves or drawers depending on the size of the space. This is a very easy and creative way to take up small spaces that are hard sizes to fill up.

These spaces are often overlooked but can be incredibly helpful for people needing more room and exciting new ways to make their storage stand out.

Use the space under your stairs

The area under stairs can practically be another room if used correctly. Whatever your house lacks, whether it be a home office, a spare bathroom, a sitting area or just a cupboard make sure you’re considering this space that is overlooked in many homes.

Spaces like this often feel bigger than when you first see them from the outside and can become a cosy part of any home. Don’t waste this perfect opportunity for a whole extra room in your house!

Take up all the room under you bed

Take advantage of all the extra room sitting empty underneath your bed. You can do this with drawers, pull-out boxes or even bookshelves. This will keep everything organised, use up wasted space and mean that you don’t always have to get out of bed to get to whatever you want.

Try to keep things that you’ll use around your bed here; hairdryers or spare blankets are good examples of this. You’ll never have to get out of bed because you’re too cold again.

Take advantage of window space

Utilise any window space. If you have a good view in your house make sure you’re making the best use of it that you can. Don’t waste a good opportunity for a great place to relax and enjoy the outside. Try and put a seat beside the window or even on the windowsill so you can have a relaxing place to look out and enjoy your surroundings.

You can add books or storage to this area very easily, which add to the relaxing feel of the space. Try to make the lighting here as natural as possible giving you a comfy space you could use for a whole host of things whether that be watching television, studying, reading or just watching the world outside.

Don’t waste big spaces

Keep your garage in use. Many people have whole areas of their property that they completely ignore – whether it be a garage, an attic or a cellar. These can be some of the best spaces for innovative and exciting interior design solutions.

Attics and cellars can be converted into all sorts of rooms depending on what your home is missing. A common use is a large master bedroom although some can even be split into smaller rooms to make your home seem huge.

Garages are great for a conversion too. They can practically become second homes if you’re willing to put time and effort into them. This can just be a nice extra space for living out of the main property or it could even become a living space possibly even giving you the ability to take in a lodger.

Flexistore can help create space in your home

To be able to use these top tips you have to have extra room in your home. Make sure your nooks and crannies are decluttered by having Flexistore securely store away whatever extra items you don’t need for a self storage cost that won’t break the bank.

How our self storage service works

We will collect what you want to put into self storage directly from your home with our mobile storage vaults that contain a wooden storage unit. The unit is big enough for furniture storage and will on average fit a room and a half’s worth of stuff. After you’ve loaded the vault (in your own time) we will take it to our secure low cost self storage facilities that can be used for short or long term. We operate in Aberdeen, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Manchester. Fill out our self storage enquiry online for a free no-obligation storage quote.

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