5 Reasons Why Being a Student in Edinburgh is Awesome

When choosing which university you should go to, there are many different factors to take into consideration. As a starting point, most students search first for the universities that offer their preferred courses. Next, they base their decision on different lifestyle factors and what the city has to offer.

If a University in Edinburgh is one of the options you are considering, then you may be wondering what benefits there are to living in this city and whether it is the sort of lifestyle that appeals to you. Edinburgh is a fantastic city for both studying and living. The diversity of opportunities and experiences in Edinburgh means that it appeals to different people from all walks of life. Here are just five of the features that make this an awesome place to study and live.


University life is about so much more than studying; it is also about the life experiences you gain during this time. Culture can play an important part in this. Luckily, Edinburgh is a city bursting with culture. Everything from the architecture to the famous festivals held in the city provide a unique cultural experience that can be replicated nowhere else in the world. Although the city has a rich history and has also been labelled as the City of Literature, it is likely to be the fashion scene and the festivals that hold the widest appeal to most students.

Edinburgh Nightlife

As going to university is probably your first real taste of freedom and independence, building a fantastic social life is probably high on your agenda. Therefore, the nightlife of a city is probably high up on your list of priorities when deciding where to study. Edinburgh does not disappoint in the nightlife stakes. Whether you prefer a cosy drink in a traditional pub, the glamour of a cocktail bar or the energy of a nightclub, there is a vast choice of venues for students to choose from.

Outdoor Life

If you prefer the great outdoors to being stuck inside your student accommodation and walking or cycling around the city is not enough, then you have plenty of other options. Edinburgh is filled with parks and gardens so you can enjoy a bit of greenery. Adrenalin junkie? You won’t have far to look. The city is surrounded by hills and the sea and this makes Edinburgh and The Lothians an ideal location for both water sports and adventure activities. Water sports include diving, kayaking, surfing and sailing. Other exciting and daring activities in the area include paint-balling, motor sports, indoor climbing, snow sports, ice skating, abseiling and assault courses.

Employment Opportunities

Most students need to work to subsidise their course fees, pay off a loan or simply earn to spend money socialising. Looking to the future, once you have completed your studies you may consider permanent, full-time employment in the city or the surrounding area. As this is the capital city of Scotland, there are opportunities in every field of employment. This means that there is potential for students to begin their careers in the city with a chance to progress and make a success of their chosen career. A statistic that may interest students is that Edinburgh is the second highest paying city in the UK to work in as the average salary here is only beaten by those working or living in Bristol.


As Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, it is a really easy city to access. You can get here by rail, road, sea or air. This is great if you have to travel quite a distance or you are planning a holiday between terms. However, most students main concerns relate more to travel within the confines of a city. While actually in the city, there are plenty of options to get around. The city is quite compact, so the easiest and cheapest option is to travel by foot because the amenities and entertainment facilities are all within a relatively close distance. Another cheap option is cycling. This is the ideal way to travel quickly around the city for students on a limited budget and is a good way to keep fit. Edinburgh has a great cycle network including traffic free cycle routes.

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