How Your Company Can Benefit From Our Business Storage Services

If you are a business owner, storage may be an annoying concern for you. Perhaps your business premises offer limited space or there are items you do not need on a daily basis? Putting things into storage could provide the perfect solution for your company. Although there are many different options available, business storage units have many benefits for your company. Here are just some of the ways that using our services can benefit you.

Free Up Space

If your business premises are full of clutter that you do not need on daily basis, then storing some of your goods in one of our vaults will free up the space they take up. This allows you to put this space to better use, such as displaying your products or adding in better facilities for staff. Alternatively, clearing the clutter will simply make your premises look tidier and smarter for employees and visitors.

Archives Your Records

Similarly, some businesses need to keep documentation for a certain period of time for their own records or for legal reasons. Consider using our records management service as a safe way to store your old records and documents. This leaves the space you are currently using for archives clear and will make it easier to focus on the paperwork for current jobs and clients while also making more space at your premises.

Security and Protection

Businesses often have products or equipment of high value. They may also have documents of a confidential nature. If this applies to your business, then security is a major concern. However, all our units are safe and secure. Everything is kept under lock and key and the only person who can access the contents of the unit is you. Therefore, using this type of storage for valuable items or confidential information is a sensible option. Furthermore, anything you keep here will be clean, dry and undamaged.

Reduce Overheads

As a business grows it is likely that you will accumulate more equipment, goods and archive paperwork. The more of these you have, the more space you will need. As a result, you may need to look for bigger premises. Not only will the rent, lease or mortgage on this be higher, you will also have higher energy bills as it will take more energy to heat bigger premises. By reducing these overheads, you have a greater chance or running a profitable and successful business. A more cost-effective solution is to put some of your stock, documentation and equipment into a storage unit. These are available on either a short or long-term basis and you will have access to you things at any time.

Online Businesses

If your company operates entirely online, then your only need for premises may be to store your products. The cost of paying a lease on warehouse or office space is an unnecessary expense that will dip into your profits. Instead, using our business storage services is a low-cost alternative that means you do not need premises to run your company successfully. You simply pay for the business storage space, as and when you need it.

Out of Season Stock

If you have stock that you only sell at particular times of the year, then it makes sense to store it away from your premises during the times when you won’t be selling it. One of our storage vaults is an excellent place to do this as you can simply pay for the unit on a short-term basis that covers the months when the stock is out of season and then retrieve your goods when you are ready to start selling them again. This is a great way of managing fluctuating seasonal stock volumes throughout the year.

An Affordable and Flexible Option

When you compare the cost of a storage unit to that of buying or leasing office space or a warehouse, it is clear that a business storage unit is the more affordable option. Also, unlike the lease for premises that are likely to be for a significant length of time, using a unit to store your business’ goods is much more flexible. You can choose the short-term option and then just extend if you need to, or opt for long-term storage if you know you will need to use the unit over a longer period of time. Simply choose whichever option suits your business needs best.

Get a Free Business Self Storage Quote Today

Overall, if your business is looking for solutions to your storage problems, then our services may offer you the ideal solution. Contact us to discuss your needs and the different options available. You will find that our storage units have both practical and financial benefits for your business. The low-cost and flexibility of this method of storage make it the perfect way to run your business efficiently, profitably and successfully. Get a free business self storage quote from Flexistore now.


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