Innovative Storage Solutions for Your New Home

When you move to a new home, it can be tricky to find places to keep all your things. This is especially the case if there is limited space available and you have a lot of possessions. If this is the case, then you need to get creative and think of innovative ways of storing your stuff using the space you have available. Here are just a few ideas how to do this.

Use space at the top of rooms

In most houses, there is a lot of space wasted at the top of rooms. People don’t think to use this vertical space, yet it can be the perfect solution to your storage problem. It can be both a practical and decorative solution to your problem. Adding shelves over doors is a great place to display ornaments, photographs, books or holiday mementos. Similarly, look for other high spaces around your home to store items that you won’t use very often. Above wardrobes or kitchen units are ideal for this.

Store your things under furniture

The space under your furniture can be equally as useful. Many beds have built-in storage drawers that you can use. However, if your bed is a simple frame, then you can still make use of this space. Old drawers are the perfect shape and size to slide underneath the bed and store things like bedding. Similarly, you can buy special storage boxes that are designed to fit under the bed. Unused areas under other furniture, such as a settee, can be used in the same way.

Crawl hole?

A crawl hole can provide another perfect storage solution. This is the space below your house. Unless you have an actual basement, the space under the house is unlikely to be big enough to use as a room. However, this does not mean that it cannot be used for storing all your worldly goods. Fit a crawl hole out with shelves or cupboards and folding stairs to take full advantage of this commonly unused area. It can then be used as a junk room or for storing specific items you want to keep together.

Don’t waste your nooks and crannies

Using small nooks and crannies in your home is perfect for storing smaller items. If you have any rooms that are an unusual shape or a recess next to a chimney breast, you can add shelving to create the perfect bookcase or display area. It may even be possible to fit slim unit doors to the front of the recess to hide away clutter. If you are creative, making a curtain that matches your soft furnishings and colour scheme is another way of covering any clutter you are storing in a recess area.

Store things underneath your staircase

The area under a staircase is often underused. However, it has a lot of potential as it can be used in several different ways. Firstly, if you add staggered shelves, you can build a large bookcase. The shelves can also be used as a decorative display or to keep paperwork. Similarly, you can create a mini office space by building a unit where you can work on your computer, while also storing books, papers, files and stationery. An unusual idea if you have a sturdy wooden staircase is to fit a drawer below each step. Alternatively, it is possible to have units designed to fit under the staircase. This allows you to have a range of cupboards shelving or hanging space that is designed specifically to meet your storage needs.

Hire a storage unit

If you need somewhere outside of your home to store things on a short-term or long-term basis, then one option is to hire a unit or container to store your possessions in until you are ready to use them. These are great for both those who have bought their own home and those who are renting a property, including students. A low cost self storage unit is ideal for domestic use. Once in the unit, you possessions are secure and the only person who will have access to the contents is you. In addition to the benefits that the security of this type of storage provides, it is a good way of keeping everything dry, clean and undamaged until the time comes for you to remove them and have them delivered to your new home.

We’re the storage company that comes to you!

If you are having trouble finding places to store your possessions in your new home, then getting creative and thinking outside the box is the best way to find solutions to your storage problems. Think about all the unused space you have available, even if you wouldn’t usually expect things to be stored there, and adapt the space for the purpose of storage.

If you run out of space inside your home, we will come to your door with a mobile storage vault, leave it there for you to fill up and then take it away to our secure warehouse. No need for hiring a van to transport your goods, as we’ll do it for you!

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