Newlyweds? Tips for Merging Your Stuff

Whether you are buying a new home together as newlyweds or one of you is simply moving into the home of the other, it is likely that you will suddenly realise that the amount of possessions you have between you could cause a problem. Merging your lives together will take compromise, so you will need to work together to sort out the problem of your clutter. Here are some tips for successfully merging your lives and your stuff.

Have a Clear Out

Before the move, you should both individually have a clear out of your things. If you don’t use it, you don’t like it or it serves no purpose, then you should delegate it to the bin. This will make the eventual move much easier and leave fewer things to sort out later on.

Choose the Best and Throw the Rest

Nobody needs two toasters, two microwaves and two coffee makers. If you both have fully kitted out houses and then move in together, you will need to work out between you which items you are going to keep. Anything you have two of will require a choice of which one to keep. This will probably be the newest item. The other item you can throw away, give away or sell.

Car Boot or Garage Sale

If you are left with a surplus of items that you don’t need turn this to your advantage and take the opportunity to make a bit of extra cash. A great way to do this is to take your spare items to a local car boot sale. Alternatively hold a garage sale at your home. If you don’t live on a route that has a lot of passing trade, then advertise your sale in local shops. Also, ask along friends and family who you think might be interested in some of your stuff. Set prices for your things higher than you actually expect to achieve as it is likely that people will try to haggle.

Sell Things Online

Another way of making money out of your unwanted possessions is to sell them online. If you don’t already have an account with an online auction site, set one up and list your things for sale. If you are putting a set price or reserve on your items, don’t forget to take into consideration the listing and sales fees. This way of selling your things requires a lot less effort than a car boot sale or garage sale as you simply have to list items and then take them to the post office for posting once they have sold.

Charity Shops

If there are things that you need to get rid of to make space when you merge and you are not bothered about profiting from the items, a quick and simple way is to give them away to charity shops. As long as they are in decent working order or general good condition, most shops will be happy to take some things off your hands and sell them to raise money for a good cause.

Utilise Space in the Home

If you want to keep a lot of things when you move in together and you are struggling to find a compromise on what to keep, what to sell and what to throw away, then you will need to get creative in finding storage space for your things. If you are lucky enough to have a garage, then this is the ideal space for furniture, larger items and sports equipment. Similarly, if you have a loft space or cellar, they too can be used as a storage solution. For smaller items, you can find space by utilising areas you might not think of. Buy corner fitting furniture for excess stuff or use the space under the stairs, over the doors, under the bed and top of cupboards.

Use Self Storage

A final option is to use self storage. This is a particularly good solution if you both have furniture. You will only need to use one set of furniture and if you have two, the second will be redundant. It is also a good option for storing larger items that you cannot find space for in your home. Self storage units can be rented for either long or short-term periods and they are an excellent way of keeping your belongings safe, secure and dry. You will be able to add items or take them away from the unit as and when you need to and you will be the only person with access to your things.

Compromise is Key

Moving in together as newlyweds is an exciting time, but can cause the problem of what to do with all your possessions. Compromise is key to a successful merge and it is likely to be necessary to get rid of a lot of things. Things you want to keep can be found a space by using clever storage solutions in your home or opting to use a self storage service. You can get rid of a lot of unwanted stuff by giving it away to charity, selling it online or holding a car boot or garage sale. By doing this, you can start your married life in a clutter-free home.


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