Small Business Self Storage – A Match Made in Heaven

One of the key barriers most small businesses must overcome in order to grow and expand is that of space…or in this instance the distinct lack thereof. This is precisely why the concept of self-storage as an essential asset for small businesses is becoming something of a standard up and down the UK like never before. It’s really not until you arm yourself with what’s effectively an ultra-premium cupboard that you really just see how it can transform your business and give you the best shot at serious growth going forward.

Here’s a brief look at just a few examples of why small businesses and self-storage are perfectly suited:

1 – Affordability

First of all, when compared to the costs of perhaps renting out a larger office or going about a physical extension of current premises, self-storage units are practically given away! There’s only ever so much you can do with the space available – just as the firm’s available budget will only stretch so far. So, for whatever the reason more space may be needed, there’s no more affordable way of making it happen than with a quality storage unit.

2 – Flexibility

The needs of the modern small business tend to change with each month…sometimes even more frequently. They may suddenly go through a period of huge growth, or perhaps find that things need to be downsized or even put on hold PDQ – all such instances that can be catered for with a self-storage unit. It’s a bit like having something of a business ‘buffer’ on-hand at all times to not only come into play as and when needed, but shift, change, grow and shrink on demand. And with no long-term contracts to sign, you can be in and out in a flash!

3 – Secure Storage

As any savvy business owner knows, keeping 100% of the firm’s most important stock, equipment, records and data all in the same place is a very bad idea…disaster contingency management, and all that. But if you run a tiny business venture from an equally tiny home office, where best to keep your backups and anything you’d rather keep safely out of harm’s way? The answer could be a self-storage unit, monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day and guaranteed to keep your gear safe no matter what might happen at home.

4 – Logistical Hub

If you’re running a home business that’s based around selling products…any products at all…it’s not going to be long before you find the place overrun with the stocks you need. As such, it’s always worth considering taking on a self-storage unit as something of a logistical hub for both the storage and processing of stock/deliveries, just to help keep things in better order back at HQ.

5 – Clear the Clutter

Last up, let it never be forgotten that trying to work in a crowded and cluttered pigsty is never an easy job. As such, for the home worker it might be worth considering doing something as radical as clearing the clutter from the spare bedroom, the attic, the garage or even the shed in order to build yourself a far more comfortable, functional and productive working area – all with the help of a self-storage unit!

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