What Smart Students Need to Know About Life at Cardiff University

You’re thinking about going to Cardiff University, but you’d like to find out the real scoop on what life is really like for a fresher at Cardiff Uni. Here at Flexistore we help 1000’s of students each year store their stuff before they head off to their student accommodation for what’s going to be one of the most exciting times of their life.

During that time we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes for a great life on campus. Keep reading and we’ll let you in on the scoop on what life as a student in Cardiff is REALLY all about.

The last few years have shown Cardiff to become an ever more popular destination for students, with Cardiff University now ranking amongst the most over-subscribed in the country. Offering over three hundred undergraduate courses gives the university a great sense of diversity and academic open-mindedness, but naturally students don’t choose their destination based exclusively on academic credentials.

Whilst boasting excellent academic attributes, Cardiff is certainly among the most ‘liveable’ cities in the country, and offers a wealth of attractions that help entice budding young students from around the world to move there.

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Life in the City

You’ve got to get around, right? While undoubtedly a large city, Cardiff isn’t by any means huge, not compared to London and the like – and still manages to capture a sense of community and accessibility that can be missing in some of the larger cities.

The city centre is compact enough to make everywhere easily accessible by walking which is nice when you have to go food shopping on a Sunday with a hangover. The centre is nicely laid out into areas with nightlife tending mainly to be located in one area, boutique and clothes shops in another and so on.

Nightlife & Partying

University isn’t complete without a buzzing nightlife and Cardiff definitely isn’t lacking in that department. All the usual big name chain pubs and bars can be found in the centre of Cardiff if you want somewhere to go for a cheap night – however the good news is that there is a thriving independent club scene if you crave fresh tunes and a packed dance floor.

A number of these independent clubs have now started to attract international attention and have hosted some of the best known DJs and musicians in the world. There’s also a plethora of student friendly local pubs, most of which have special offers throughout the week to help you unwind and loosen up after a day of stressful lectures.

Is it Affordable?

Going to university in the UK is incredibly expensive, with course fees and living costs it can sometimes feels like you barely have enough money for a decent meal! For a forward thinking and desirable city, Cardiff is affordable when compared with other university locations – especially London, with large stocks of student housing helping keep the cost of accommodation down. The university offers excellent support to its students in helping them manage their money, especially useful at a time when the cost of studying is on ever on the rise.

How About Getting a Job When I Graduate?

Once you’re done with university you’re ready to rejoin the real world and you’ll need a job if you want to start earning that money and Cardiff could provide the perfect opportunity! Such is its reputation, Cardiff graduates are among the most sought after by prospective employers following graduation and 94% of graduates enter employment or professional training shortly after graduating with 78% achieving a graduate level employment position. Alongside the careers & employability services on offer, Cardiff University also offers an excellent range of postgraduate courses if you decide to stay a little longer.

Is Wales a Fun Place to Live?

Wales is an amazing part of the UK and Cardiff has made great efforts to develop the cultural appeal of the city. Independent galleries, bookshops and the oldest record store in the world are just a couple of examples, and of course the Millennium Stadium is one of the largest and most impressive venues for sports and music in the country. Cardiff even hosts an annual music festival in the city centre called ‘The Big Weekend’ and claims to be the biggest free music festival in the UK, attracting over 250,000 visitors in 2007.

Time to Get Some Fresh Air

Probably the best thing about studying at Cardiff University is the stunning coastlines and great beaches which are only a stone’s throw away, and also of course the Brecon Beacons, with the Snowdonia national park being a little further north. Great as the city is, it’s always good to take some time out and get some fresh air – and Cardiff is blessed with being near some of the most iconic and beautiful landscapes in the UK.

Cardiff is a great all round package of being a dynamic, forward thinking city hosting an outstanding university that offers a wealth of attractions to cater for students of all tastes. It’s no surprise it’s becoming such a sought after destination!

Ready to start your student life in Cardiff? Not sure where to store all your stuff? On a tight budget? Read on and see how we can make your life easier.

One of the most stressful parts about making that move to university is how and where to store all your stuff. On-campus accommodation isn’t the most spacious place in the world and for that reason most students find they have to get some storage to store while they study.

You might be thinking it’s expensive and that you’ll need to hire a van to help transport everything, but, student storage starts at just £1 per box per week!

And here’s the best part: all you have to do is pack everything up in free boxes and we’ll come out to your house (for free) with our Flexistore van! We’ll collect your things and take them off to be looked after for you while you head off and start Uni life.

Easy, right?

What’s the next step then? Just click here to get a free student storage quote.


Image attributed to Cardiff University International Office.

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