How to Store Your Christmas Decorations

Around this time of year Christmas decorations will be in and out of storage, which can result in a big mess if you’re not organised. Thankfully there are clever ways to keep your festive decorations in order and not let them get out of control around your house. So don’t let decorations get you stressed this holiday season, but check out these top tips for keeping everything from the festive season in order and ready for next year instead.

Keep Ornaments Organised

Keep a separate box or boxes just for storing ornaments. Try to get a box or container with compartments to keep each decoration in good condition and to stop them getting thrown around and damaged in storage. Make sure you keep any particularly fragile ornaments in bubble wrap or tissue paper as well. Once all your decorations are away make a list or make sure you label what is in each box so they’re easy to find straight away next year. For a box with separators try one of those that are originally aimed for holding wine as they tend to work well.

Don’t Get Your Lights in a Tangle

A classic problem that plagues every decorator at Christmas time is tangled Christmas lights. The easiest way to keep lights untangled is by wrapping them around your arm when taking them down. Keep them in a plastic container and use clips or a wire to hold a circular shape so they’re neat, organised and ready to go for next year. Alternatively you can wrap them around a large cylindrical container like a coffee can with the end inside or even a sheet of cardboard for an easy storage solution. This way untangling won’t take up the first fifteen minutes of decoration ever again. Just don’t get your wires get crossed when you’re sorting them out.

Keep Your Tree in Tremendous Condition

First things first, you have to think about how you are going to move your artificial Christmas tree when storing it. If the stand has wheels then that’s ideal but otherwise you’ll probably want to make sure it’s safe to lift or move before doing so. If you’re going to keep your tree assembled then be careful about making sure that everything is safe to carry before you start moving it.

Something as big as a Christmas tree tends to be a hard item to store for a whole year. Overall you want to keep it as close to ready and decorated as possible. Keeping the parts together is ideal and if you can even keep some of the decorations on that’s even better for instant reuse next year. Try to keep your tree somewhere that dust and debris can’t get to it – tree storage bags being ideal. If you don’t want to pay for one of these you could try to create your own by joining old sheets together.

If keeping your tree assembled isn’t a possibility then you could try a storage bin or a box big enough for your tree parts instead. These tend to be better than the cardboard the tree probably came in as they offer protection from breaking, tearing, buckling and leaks. Plastic tubs with lids or sturdy duffel bags are good for protecting your tree from dust bugs and rodents.

Keep Your Wrapping Paper Under Wraps

After Christmas everyone always has some wrapping paper left over, but what’s the best way of keeping it in good condition for the next year? A first tip would be to get ambiguous wrapping paper so you aren’t forced to exclusively use it at this time of year. When you do have your perfect paper though there are some solid ways of saving it for the following year. Firstly, have somewhere set aside to store it. Whether it’s a shelf, a cupboard, a box or any other type of storage container, have a location to keep all of your wrapping paper in, that way it’ll be exactly where you expect it to be the next time you need it so there’ll be no last-minute rummaging for the paper you’re sure you have somewhere a year later.

Another top tip is to keep your paper with other wrapping equipment. Have your scissors, tape, bows and any other equipment you’ll need all together so you won’t need to trudge about trying to find all of the pieces just to start wrapping. You could even set up a gift-wrapping station if you’re wrapping presents throughout the year.

Use a Flexistore Storage Vault

If just after the holidays you can’t find anywhere to keep your decorations then why not try a mobile Flexistore self-storage unit? We’ll come to you with a storage vault that will hold all your decorations and anything else you want for a low cost. After you load the vault we’ll take it to our secure storage centre. So take that stress of tidying up after Christmas off yourself and let us keep your Christmas decorations neatly stored until the next festive season!

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