How to Talk Your Friends into Helping You Move

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It can be a struggle moving house at the best of times so moving on your own can be a real nightmare – why it can never hurt to get a little help from your mates! Whether it’s to help with the boxes you just can’t manage or just for a bit of company, friends can be a great asset when moving. Here are some of our top tips on how to trick your friends into giving you a helping hand…

Tell them about the benefits

People may not see them as obvious but there are some good benefits to helping a friend move house. The kindness of helping out a friend would be a good place to start but if that doesn’t work, what about the exercise benefits? Moving house can be far more enjoyable than your standard workout at the gym and between all the heavy lifting and going up and down stairs you’re bound to end up with a similar amount of exercise.

You could also tell them about the importance of spending quality time with friends, and as you might not always get to do things together this would be a perfect opportunity to bond. Don’t let them think helping you is anything other than a good thing.


Some people might not want to be moving your furniture from dawn until dusk but would be willing to put half an hour in here and there. Don’t turn these offers away. If all your friends put in half an hour then you’ll probably be done far sooner than you think.

Try to remember to stay polite when negotiating. Surprisingly enough people don’t tend to want to do things for people that are rude to them so try to keep a calm tone through all negotiations and keep a friendly mood when asking anyone for assistance. Remember good manners cost nothing and a please and thank you here and there wouldn’t go amiss!

Pop the question when your friend is in a good mood

If someone is having a bad day it’s probably not the time to be asking for a favour. Wait until a moment when you’re already having a conversation and they seem in a particularly good and helpful mood.

When someone does seem like they’re in a good mood don’t broach the subject too suddenly. Try and make it seem like the thought just happened to strike you and not that it was your master plan all along. Your friends won’t feel like they’re being convinced to do something this way and are more likely to just accept straight away.

Guilt trip them

Another option would be to tell your mates that helping you is the morally right thing to do. A good guilt trip can be very effective in the right circumstances so make sure they feel bad for not helping you out.

Make sure to mention anything else, no matter how small, that the person’s also let you down on recently so they feel they owe you this one. Also mention anything you’ve recently done for them. This will definitely make you appear to have the moral high-ground and soon enough they’d do anything to make up for the pain they caused.

Bribe them

If none of this works it’s time to start digging into your pockets. Whether it be with biscuits or the promise of a returned favour bribery is always an easy route. Sometimes no matter how nicely you ask people to spend their day providing you with free labour they will say no but when they get something in return this result is far less common.

When bribing try to think what that person really wants whether that be their washing done for them or just to borrow a DVD. Remember the better your offer is the more likely they are to accept. Don’t be going too crazy though, remember the point of this is to save money.

Need self storage during the move?

Once you’ve successfully convinced your friends to help you out you’ll need to find the best options for moving. However, sometimes the moving in and out dates don’t match and you’ll need to store your things somewhere meanwhile. This is when we step in!

We’ll pick up your possessions at a reasonable price, take them to our storage centre and keep them safe until you need them. We can even bring your stuff to your new address, which means there is no van hire required! We have self storage facilities in Aberdeen, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester and operate in approximately a 25-mile radius of these cities.

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