Top 5 Reasons Why Students Need Self Storage

Once you’ve left home and started your student life, it’s likely that you’ll be staying in accommodation that’s much smaller than your family home or that you are in shared accommodation with other students. As a solution to storage problems, many students now opt to use a self storage company as a way of keeping their personal possessions safe, secure and out of the way. Although there can be many reasons why they choose to do this, here are the top five reasons why students choose to use storage once they are at college or university.

1. Lack of storage space

One of the biggest problems that students face is a lack of space. If you’re in shared accommodation, then you’ll probably have to share many aspects of the house and this may include cupboards and shelving. Even if you have your own accommodation, you may find that there’s less space than you’d expected or are used to. This means you need to either be really creative in how you use the space available to you or you need to consider other options. One option is to use self storage to keep anything that you do not use on a daily basis or any items that are valuable and you need to keep safe.

2. Storing outdoor and sports equipment

The social life and getting involved in extracurricular activities is an important aspect of the student experience. There are often clubs, teams and groups for students to get involved with, and sports and outdoor pursuits are often a popular choice. However, many of these activities need equipment and this poses an additional storage problem for those who already have limited space available to them. Self storage can be a great way of resolving this issue. All your equipment can be stored nearby and you can access it whenever you like, without it taking up space in your accommodation and getting in the way.

3. Visits home and holidays

Very few students live in their accommodation for 52 weeks of the year. Most will go on holiday or make trips home to see their family, or even stay with their parents for the whole summer. Using self storage can be useful for several reasons if you are not in the accommodation throughout the year. Firstly, you do not know who will have access to your possessions if you leave them in your accommodation while you are away. This is especially the case if you’re living in shared accommodation and your housemates invite friends around regularly.

Secondly, it is a good way of storing items you will not be taking home with you but will get in the way of your housemates if you leave them at the accommodation. Finally, it is difficult to pack everything up and carry all your things backwards and forwards whenever you travel home or go on holiday. Storage is a much more convenient option for anything you do not need during this time.

4. Bike and vehicle storage

If you’re a student lucky enough to have a car, you may not be so lucky in the parking stakes. Some accommodation has limited parking and some have none at all. Students then face a choice of parking the vehicle on the street or on a nearby car park. Both options may leave the car at risk and could cost money. Similarly, if you have a bicycle and you do not have room to store it at your accommodation and there is nothing to chain it to outside, then you are faced with a similar predicament. The perfect solution to this problem is to rent a self storage unit nearby to keep your bike, moped or car safe when you are not using it.

5. Cost-effective storage solution

Money is a major worry to most students and most do not have a lot to spare. This is why many students choose to use self storage as other options may cost more money. For example, if you pay to park a vehicle regularly or you use other storage facilities for your things while you are away, then you are likely to spend significantly more than student storage will cost. To prove a point, we will store your things for only £1 per box per week!

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Any student who is looking for a storage solution should seriously consider using Flexistore. It may prove to be a cost-effective answer to any storage difficulties you are having and is a safe and cheap way of keeping treasured possessions secure and close to your accommodation. It will free up space in your home and ensure the security of the property whenever you are away. We offer student storage in Aberdeen, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester & St Andrews.

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