The World’s Weirdest Collections

Most of us have a little hoarder inside – we like to keep our cupboards stocked up with food, our wardrobes are full of clothes we never wear and our guest rooms are filled with everything apart from guests. Surrounding ourselves with stuff makes us feel safe.

Many of us have had odd little collections of things as children, such as stones, stickers and erasers. (Sure you did too!) Some of us still collect things as adults, such as stamps, shoes or autographs. Some of us have taken the art of collecting things to a whole new level. (A very bizarre level.)

We’ve put together a list of examples of some of the world’s strangest collections, be prepared to be amazed, bored and repulsed.

Navel fluff


Yes, you read it correctly; navel fluff. It all started on a steamy and stormy night in a youth hostel in Brisbane, where a young chap called Graham Barker found himself utterly bored. So bored that his attention drifted to his belly button and one of the central questions of humanity popped into his head: how much navel fluff could one person generate? Enough for a cushion? Graham decided to find out, and is now the happy owner of the world’s largest navel fluff collection.

What we’d like to ask Graham is whether he only wore yellow in the 80s and red in the 90s? And more importantly, are we talking just one yellow shirt and one red shirt per decade? Let us know if you read this Graham.



“The World Famous Asphalt Museum now includes a startling section of highway from Australia. “ If you’re ever in Sacramento, California, make sure to visit this must-see tourist attraction where you could easily kill hours and hours. Don’t know what we’re talking about? The Asphalt Museum of course!

This museum was founded by Scott Gordon and Marie Vans in 1991, and hosts samples from Route 66, the ancient Roman road Appian Way as well as other not-so-famous roads. You’ll even get a recipe for how to make your own asphalt.

However, the question on everybody’s mind is: how does one piece of asphalt differ from another piece of asphalt? Scott? Marie? Anyone?



When someone tells you they collect toasters (which probably happens all the time) most of us would think ‘why on earth would you do that?’, but after seeing the photo above we kind of get it. How pretty aren’t those kitchen appliances, and who even knew there were so many beautiful, antique toasters out there?

The father of the collection, Jens Veerbeck from Germany, sure does know. His toaster mania started when he was browsing a flea market in San Francisco some 20 years ago and came across an old chrome pop-up toaster from the 1950s. He fell in love and today Jens owns a collection with over 600 models, the most valuable one being worth £3,500.

Check out Jens’ online toaster collection museum here and become a toaster convert.

Burnt food

burnt food museum

“I had a smokin’ good time at the Burnt Food Museum!” Yes, there is a museum (not entirely serious though) that hosts a collection of burnt food in Arlington, Massachusetts. Why? We don’t know.

Anyway, the museum was founded in the late 1980s when Deborah (the founder and museum curator) decided to heat up a small pot of hot apple cider, but was distracted by an unexpected and very long phone call. After hanging up Deborah went back to the kitchen, only to find that the cider had become a “cinder”. The first exhibit was born then and there: “Free-Standing Hot Apple Cider”.

Wonder if any of Jens Veerbeck’s toasters have ever contributed to this collection? Also, does this mean that burning food makes you an artist?

Airline spoons

airline spoons

If you’ve found yourself on a plane (or anywhere else for that matter) wondering what the spoons on other airlines look like you’ll be thrilled to find out that you can stop speculating now. There is a Flickr photo profile that contains hundreds of pictures of different airline spoons – including vintage spoons, spoons from defunct airlines and even spoons designed by celebrities.

So make yourself a nice cuppa, get comfy and start comparing airline spoons here. Who knows, maybe your choice of airline will be affected by what kind of spoon the company offers in the future?


banana museum

The International Banana Museum hosts the largest (yes, there are other fruit museums) collection devoted to any one fruit according to Guinness World Records. Ken “the Banana Man” Bannister is the father of the museum, but was forced to sell his yellow fortune a few years ago. The new top banana, Fred Garbutt, bought it on eBay for £30,000.

The collection consists of nearly 20,000 banana-related objects and is located in Mecca, California. So if you want to go bananas over bananas (sorry, couldn’t resist) you know where to go. They’re on Facebook too!

We’ll help you hide your weird collection

Hope you’ve enjoyed (and maybe even been inspired by – the world needs more random museums) our tour of strange collections. However, if you do find yourself hosting an eccentric collection of unidentified items that is taking up more space than it should, give your local Flexistore a call and we’ll pick it up for you and carefully store it in one of our secure vaults. (And don’t worry, we won’t show it to anyone.)

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