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storage Rochdale by FlexistoreAre you looking for trouble-free mobile storage in Rochdale? Then search no further!

Here at Flexistore we take great pride in offering a storage solution that takes some of the worry and stress out of the equation for our Rochdale customers. You will find no need to rent a truck or removal firm because we deliver our mobile storage containers direct to your door for you to fill up. Once that is loaded up, just give us a call and we’ll come to collect it and take it to our secure Manchester storage facility, whenever you want it brought back just give us a phone again and we’ll deliver it back to your door. Simple!

Why Choose Us for Rochdale storage?

  • Hassle-free storage
  • Storage that comes to you
  • Redelivery to your home when you want
  • No unloading at storage facility
  • No need to hire a van or removal company
  • Load & unload once – less risk of damage

We provide Rochdale storage solutions to domestic customers, students and corporations through the entire local area. Our mobile storage vaults are very affordable, versatile and we offer a whole assortment of packing up supplies. So no matter whether you happen to be relocating house, de-cluttering or are a company wanting additional space, we have got you covered with a totally stress-free storage service in Rochdale.

Get in touch with your Rochdale storage staff right now

Our group of storage specialists are readily available to answer any questions and provide the best advice possible with regards to Storage, just give us a ring on 0161 998 3000 to speak to someone immediately. Should you prefer, you can complete one of the contact forms down below to either email your enquiry or have a member of our Rochdale storage team phone you back or visit our contact page for additional contact options.  Not sure the amount of vaults you’ll need? Simply just use our handy storage estimator to find out how many you require.

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