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Frequently Asked Questions

Collection FAQs

When do you deliver the vault?

We deliver 8.30 to 5.30 Monday to Friday, but you don’t need to be at home. You can load the vault whenever works for you, whether that be in the evening or during the weekend.

Where will you park?

We can park on a driveway, in a resident’s bay, in a loading bay or on an unrestricted yellow line.

Can you still deliver a vault if I don’t have a driveway?

Yes. We can park on a driveway, in a resident’s bay, in a loading bay or on an unrestricted yellow line.

How much time do I have to load the vault?

As long as you need. Some people need two days and others only require two hours.

Can you load the vault for me?

Yes we can, we’ll need a bit more notice for this service though. You can book this service when you’re booking the storage online or over the phone.

How do I lock the vault? / Is the vault secure?

The vault is secured by padlock. We can supply padlocks if required, you can order one online with your storage booking. No one else has access to your goods.

What if I need more than one vault?

No problem, we can arrange the delivery of another vault when we come and collect the first vault. To figure out how many vaults you need, please use our storage estimator.

I have my own vehicle, can I deliver to/collect my own things from the storage centre?

Yes you can. There is no charge for this service. We’ll even ensure you can park right next to your vault for convenience.

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Storage FAQs

Where are your storage centres located?

We have storage centres in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester. We operate in a 25 mile radius of each store location. Check our storage locations here.

How big is a vault?

Each vault is 155cm (5 feet) wide x 215cm (7 feet) deep x 245cm (8 feet) tall. This is 3.3 sq metres (35 square feet) and 8 cubic metres (280 cubic feet). One vault will accommodate about a room and a half of furniture. Our storage estimator will show you how much you can fit in one vault.

Will large pieces of furniture fit in the vault?

Yes. It’s rare an item of furniture won’t fit.

What’s the best way to load a vault?

Start with the large items and pack smaller items around them. Ensure everything is well protected with bubble wrap, boxed up, and packed tightly to the ceiling to benefit from the space available. See our packing tips for further help.

Do I need to tell you how long I need to store for when booking?

No, but a rough idea is helpful so that we can tailor the best offer to your needs.

Can I access my things whilst in storage?

Yes, free of charge. Just contact us the day before and we’ll make sure everything’s ready for you.

What security measures are in place at your storage centres?

All our centres are alarmed and protected by 24 hour CCTV coded electronic gates, perimeter security fencing, smoke detectors and fire alarms.

What am I not allowed to store in the vault?

You can store most things. There are a few exceptions such as BBQ gas and cash. A full list of prohibited items are on our Terms and Conditions on the back of the contract. For general packing guidelines, see our packing do’s and don’ts.

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Re-delivery FAQs

How much notice do I have to give you when I need my things back permanently?

As much as possible, ideally more than 24 hours’ notice.

Can you return my things to a different address?

Yes, in fact most of our customers move to a new address after storage.

Do I have to pay for re-delivery?

Yes there is a charge for this service, however, if you want to collect from the storage centre that’s free of charge.

Do you deliver abroad?

Yes, we offer a full international shipping service.

Do I need to know the exact size and weight of the items I want shipped?

It depends what you want to ship. Smaller packages are done by size and weight. Larger consignments (e.g. furniture) are done by volume.

Can I only ship boxes and parcels?

No. We can ship literally anything, literally anywhere!

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General FAQs

How do I get a storage quote?

You can get a quote online or by phoning any of our storage centres.

How do I book?

At the moment students can book online and personal or business storage users will have to fill out a short form, after which we’ll get back to you with a quote. Alternatively you can book over the phone, please see our contact page for details.

Do I need insurance for my stored goods?

There is insurance included in the price. An enhanced level of insurance is optional. You can choose extra insurance when booking online.

Do I need to reserve a storage vault in advance?

It’s preferable but not always essential.

How and when do I pay?

You pay in advance, online or over the phone. Depending on the offer, there could also be the option to pay monthly.

How do I order packing materials?

You can order packing kits and boxes by contacting your local Flexistore.

Do you deliver the packing materials to me?

Yes we can deliver the packing materials to your door. We deliver ourselves locally or use a third party courier if you want them delivered further afield. The delivery is free if you order more than £20 worth of packing supplies and you live within 10 miles of our store.

What is the minimum/maximum storage period?

You can store for one day or indefinitely.

How do I cancel my contract?

You can do this by email or telephone.

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Which Cities do you offer Student Storage in?

Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester.

How many items can I store?

You can store as many items as you like, and to help, we offer FREE boxes for you to pack your items in.  We can also store other items such as suitcases, holdalls, sports equipment, and small pieces of furniture – as long as it’s packed we can store it, whatever it is.

Do you collect from my address?

Yes, we do collect from your doorstep; so we handle all the transport to and from store.

Can I store my items on a weekly basis?

Yes, our Student Storage offer is calculated and charged by the week.  Just choose the number of weeks you wish to store for.

How do I book my storage?

You simply book online by visiting our Student Storage Page on our Website – just click the Blue Box which takes you to the Student Online Booking.

Once I’ve booked, how will I know when you will collect my items?

When you book you choose a day and delivery slot during that day.  Our driver will call you during your chosen delivery slot before he arrives to collect your items to make sure your at home.

Is Student Storage expensive?

Not with Flexistore, our prices start at £1 per item per week.  We do have a minimum charge of £80 per booking, but as you will be storing for many weeks this minimum charge may not be relevant.

Can I work out the cost of my storage before booking?

Yes you can by simply completing the online booking form with the number of weeks you wish to store, together with the items you wish to store. As you change the number of weeks or items, the price will change. Once you’ve decided this will be the price you pay – no hidden charges.

What is the maximum weight of a stored item?

To help you and our staff we have limited the weight of any one item to 25 kilos – this is important to you and us that we avoid lifting items that are too heavy.

Your Student Online Booking is only for a maximum of 32 weeks – why?

Very few Student store for more than 32 weeks, but if you intend to store for longer, please contact us as we can offer discounted prices for storage periods in excess of 32 weeks.

I’ve booked and want to change something on my booking – can I do this?

Yes, please contact the store you’ve booked with and quote your “booking reference” number on the top right hand of your First Invoice – we can then identify your booking quickly and help.

Does everything need to be packed?

Packing everything securely is important – this will protect your items during transit between your home and our store.  Please ensure all boxes and items are securely taped – we supply FREE tape to help.

Do I label my items?

All items need to be clearly labelled with your name and booking reference number – we supply a FREE marker pen so you can do this.

What happens if I have more items than I thought?

No need to worry as our driver will collect your items, including the additional items for store – we will calculate the charge for these additional items at the end of your storage period.

Can I store an unusual item with my items?

There is a dropdown menu on the Student Online Booking page which allows you to choose different items, if your item isn’t listed, please choose “Misc Item (packed).

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How Flexistore Works

Simple - Storage on flexible terms. You store in mobile storage vaults, which remove the inconvenience of traditional self storage and can save up to 75% of your time.

  • delivering a mobile storage vault


    We deliver the storage vault in our secure trailer to your door. We leave the trailer with the vault inside for loading. We supply as many vaults as you need.

  • loading a self storage vault


    The storage vault is loaded and locked. Your work is finished! You can choose the morning, afternoon, evening, or weekend for pick up.

  • storing a mobile self storage vault


    We collect your loaded vault and place it in our secure storage centre. There is no charge to access your vault whilst in store.

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