Pallet Storage

Pallet Storage Solutions

We offer a fully comprehensive range of pallet storage solutions in Manchester and Edinburgh, helping you make best use of your space, your resources and your time. Whether looking to store a single pallet or dozens of fully loaded pallets, we’ll put together a bespoke service package built around your needs and your budget.

Cost-Effective Pallet Storage, Long and Short-Term

Here at Flexistore, we’ve worked tirelessly to create a uniquely dynamic pallet storage service for UK businesses of all sizes. We understand the importance of efficient, economical storage solutions and have every confidence in our ability to boost the efficiency and productivity of your business. Palletised storage represents perhaps the simplest and most cost-effective method for product and resource storage using off-site facilities. What makes pallet storage different is the way in which you only ever pay for the pallets you store, rather than the amount of storage space you think you need. Each pallet is priced at a set rate and it’s entirely up to you as to how many pallets you require stored at any given time. In addition, we offer both long and short-term storage contracts that ensure you remain in control at all times. Whether you’d prefer to sign up for a matter of weeks or enter into a much longer service agreement, you call the shots and we’ll never steer you wrong.

Our Pallet Storage Service Package

We strive to offer a fully comprehensive pallet storage service package which includes both the storage and transportation of loaded pallets from your place of business to our local storage depot. Our drivers and pickers work in accordance with your schedule and your deadlines – whatever it takes to get the job done. Both our Manchester and Edinburgh warehouses are covered by state-of-the-art security systems, including CCTV. Our inventory control standards are world class and we ensure that your property is cared for as if it was our own with most pallets shrink-wrapped and stored on pallet racking. From the largest and bulkiest loads to fragile items of high value, you can rest assured your property is in safe hands with Flexistore.

Wherever You Need Us

Along with standard pallet storage, we also organise domestic and overseas delivery services at the request of our clients. We can make sure your fully-loaded pallets arrive wherever you need to be in the exact same condition you left them in, or you can of course make delivery and collection arrangements yourself or take them away yourself at any time. We make it easy for you to access your pallets and your property at short-notice.

Our service prices are calculated in accordance with the exact number of pallets and additional services you use – you’ll never pay a penny for anything you don’t need or ask for. Storage prices are calculated per week and special rates are available for longer-term contracts or larger orders.

For more information and a free quote, please get in touch with our Edinburgh office on 0131 333 3666 or call 0161 998 3000 if you’re looking for secure pallet storage in Manchester.

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