Packing Materials

We've Got Boxes for You!

Don’t despair if you don’t have the packing materials you need at home. We have a selection of packing supplies, such as small, medium and large boxes, wardrobe and archive cartons, bubble wrap, packing tape and marker pens. We can even deliver these to your door if needed.

Please scroll down for a table with more information about the packing products and the packing bundles we supply. To order our value packing kits and individual packaging products, please contact your nearest Flexistore.

More Info
Small Box
Strong, double walled carton.
Medium Box
Strong, double walled carton.
Large Box
Strong, double walled carton.
Archive Carton
One piece assembly with integral lid.
Wardrobe Carton
Box comes with hanging rail for clothes.
Bubble Wrap
Sold in 5m lengths, one full roll measures 100m.
Packing Tape
1 roll
1 roll is 5cm wide and 66m long.

Value packs

We also offer value packing bundles in different sizes that will save you 20%.
We are also more than happy to give you a call. Please provide us with your phone number in the field below and select when you would like to be contacted, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.