Packing Tips

Packing for Storage

Before you start loading the storage vault, take a few minutes to consider the items to be packed and what the most appropriate order to pack them in is. As we want to make sure your belongings are stored in a secure and efficient manner, we have compiled a list of packing do’s and don’ts for you. We suggest you read through them before starting.

What do I Actually Need?

You’re going through some kind of temporary change of situation that means that you have to put your items into storage. Perhaps you’re decluttering before putting your home on the market, clearing old stock out of the way before bringing in a new seasonal range or storing your possessions over the summer while you head from university.

They’re all exciting times, but they can all be stressful times until you’ve got everything packed up and safely locked away in storage. To help ease what can be a flustering process, we’ve put together a handy list of what you’ll need to have ready to be all set for action.

How about your clothes?

You don’t want them to end up crumpled from lying in a box, do you? If only there was a carton available that actually came with a hanging rail inside it so that you could keep your clothes on their hangers and be able to bring them back out of storage increased?

(HINT: you can buy these from us)

How can Flexistore help?

Thankfully, at Flexistore we understand that you may not have time to grab everything you need to pack, so we sell handy Value Packs containing to ensure an easy and effective packing process. We also have wardrobe cartons that come complete with hanging rails, for the perfect clothes-storing experience. We know that different clients will have different storage needs so our packs come in either small, medium or large sizes; each one containing bubble wrap, a marker pen and a range of box sizes.

To arrange your hassle-free storage experience now, and to obtain everything you need to make the packing process pain-free, contact our friendly and professional team at Flexistore. We have centres across the UK and we’re ready to help.

How to Pack for Self Storage

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