Records Management

Records Management Services

Flexistore offers bespoke records management services to keep your important files at your fingertips, rather than in your way.

We are highly experienced in managing the life cycle of documents, having offered UK businesses an unmatched catalogue of document storage, management and protection services for over a decade.

Whether you’re sitting on just 10 boxes of documents or upward of 25,000, we can provide you with the same professional, dependable service our current clients enjoy. Our high-profile client base includes solicitors, architects, public bodies, accountants, retailers and hotels. No matter what you do, who you are or what size your operation may be, we promise to provide the perfect solution, tailored to your needs.

Cost effective

Our uniquely comprehensive service packages cover everything your business needs and nothing superfluous. By selecting only the elements of use to your business, you won’t pay a penny for anything you don’t need.

From the creation of your document, through its working life and to its secure destruction, our sophisticated software can manage everything on your behalf.

We provide

Safe and secure

If you haven’t dealt with a records management specialist before, we’d love to show you what we can do. If on the other hand you already have a service provider, we guarantee a superior package built in accordance with your needs and for the most cost effective price in the UK market.

For more information, give our dedicated service team a call today on 0800 456 1113, or complete the online form and we’ll get back to you.

Why Choose Flexistore for Records Management?

We understand that when businesses look to us to take care of their records, they’re entrusting us with extremely vital documents. And while it’s not in the habits of most service providers to lose files or allow them to be damaged, we offer uniquely secure storage solutions that are absolutely unshakable and impenetrable.

Each box we receive is fully bar-coded and catalogued before being given its own exclusive place in our storage facility. This way, it is simply impossible for any file or any box thereof to be misplaced as we ensure we know exactly where everything is across the board at all times. We do not follow the somewhat random approach to box storage as it is common across much of the industry – we believe that the key to ultra-secure storage and management is comprehensive order.

Easy Access, Safe Disposal of records

Here at Flexistore, we’ve worked tirelessly to come up with a service package that guarantees each of our customer’s comprehensively easy retrieval of their important records as and when required. With no delays, no fuss and no request too much for our team to handle, we promise to retrieve your files, folders and boxes anytime you request it.

In addition, our secure certified destruction services are as responsible as they are reliable. Upon requesting that any given documents, files or boxes be destroyed on your behalf, your peace of mind is our number one concern.

For more information, give our dedicated service team a call today on 0800 456 1113, or complete the online form and we’ll get back to you.


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