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When we, Keith and Martin, established Flexistore back in 2002 there were hardly any mobile self storage companies out there. We saw a gap in the market and soon became one of the first companies in the UK and the rest of Europe to provide mobile self storage services for homes, businesses and students.

The advantage of using Flexistore

If you choose a traditional self storage company you’ll also have to figure out how to get your goods to and from the storage centre – usually by renting a van or contacting a local removal company. As this is very inconvenient for the customer, many self storage providers are now offering help with transport by recommending a local removal or van rental company.

Using a van or removal company is not only expensive, but it also means that you or the removal company has to load and unload your goods twice. With Flexistore you just have to load and unload once, which reduces the risk of damage significantly. As your things stay in a locked vault the whole time it is also a safer way of storing.

We support a greener future

We plant trees, our vehicles are part of a carbon offset programme and the wood used in our vaults is from sustainable sources. Read more about what we do for the environment.

What Makes Us Better

  Flexistore Self Storage
Storage that comes to you å ã
Redelivery to your home å ã
No unloading at storage facility å ã
No need for van hire å ã
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