How to Best Prepare Your Home for Sale

When it is time to sell your home, you are entering a very competitive market. You will be in direct competition with similar houses in your area and you will all be targeting the same buyers. Therefore, you need to make sure that your house is at the best it can possibly be. By doing so, you will significantly increase your chances of a successful sale. Try using some of these tips to prepare your home for sale.

Improve the exterior

First impressions count, and the first impression a potential buyer gets of your home is from the exterior. Many buyers will already have made the decision about whether they intend to buy your house before they’ve even made it over the doorstep. For this reason, you need to make the first impression a good one.

Any peeling paintwork should be given a lick of fresh paint. If you have weeds coming through cracks in the driveway, then you need to get rid of these as they will draw attention to the cracks and make the exterior look untidy. Similarly, if you have a lawn this should be mowed and any areas with soil should be weeded.

Store outdoor equipment

A further way you can improve the exterior is to get rid of any toys, bikes, tools or other larger items you may have lying around. The best place to keep these is in the garage or shed. However, if you do not have this type of storage space, it could be worth considering using self storage on a short-term basis until you have sold your house.

Clean the house

One of the simplest tips given by estate agents and property experts is to give your house a thorough clean. Buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in a house and they are less likely to be able to do this if they see your home looking unclean. Although it requires some effort, this is not a difficult task and it may be one that pays off.

General maintenance

As you are used to living in your home, it is possible that you have not noticed the condition of different areas of your home. You will have become used to any small problems, but a buyer is likely to notice them and look upon it negatively. One tip is to pretend that you are a potential buyer. Take a notepad and a pen around the house with you and write down the things that catch your eye.

If the paintwork is scuffed on the skirting boards and around the doorways, then this is something that will need your attention. Likewise, if you have patches of missing wallpaper or a kitchen cupboard door with a broken hinge, you will need to do something about these too.

Clear the clutter

Part of making a house a home is to have your personal possessions on display. However, what you see as prized possessions with huge sentimental value, a buyer may consider to be clutter. To help a buyer imagine themselves living in the space, it is better to clear away the extra stuff. Pack your items away in cardboard boxes, individually wrapping any possessions that may break. These can be stored in the loft space or the shed. If you are concerned about potential damage to your things, then another alternative is to use a self storage unit until your house is sold. This way you can be sure that your items will not get damaged and will be completely secure.

Speak to your estate agent

An invaluable source of advice about preparing your home for sale is your estate agent. They will have lots of experience in understanding what can help a home to sell and will be able to give you tips to improve your chances of a sale. They are likely to be almost as keen as you to sell your house, especially if they are on commission or working towards targets.

Rent a self storage unit

Large pieces of furniture may be your style and a reflection of your personality and personal taste, but they can make a room look cramped and much smaller. A house with space is more likely to sell. Therefore, to create a feeling of space in your home, it may be necessary to clear your house of some of the furniture. Think about which pieces you actually use on a daily basis and which do not have much of a practical use. It might be necessary to store your furniture in a storage unit for a while. However, storage is usually cheap and can be cost-effective if it helps you to sell your house quickly.

Although selling your home can be stressful, using these steps to prepare your home for sale can help to limit the amount of problems. By following these tips, the chances are that you will get positive feedback after viewings and you are more likely to achieve a quick and successful sale of your home.

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