How Does Our Student Storage Service Actually Work?

As our domestic and business storage services work a bit differently than our student storage service, we thought it would be good to explain, in detail, what makes our student service different.

We come to your doorstep

Just like with our domestic service we will actually come to your door, but instead of bringing a trailer with a storage vault inside we just pick up your pre-packed boxes, suitcases, furniture, bicycles etc. with our Flexistore van.

We give you FREE boxes

If you need cardboard boxes for storage we will actually pre-deliver these for free as well – so you don’t have to worry about how to pack your things. We can also provide you with tape and pen if needed and we even give you free insurance!

Where will my stuff be stored?

After we’ve collected your things we will take them to our secure storage centre where they will be stored in an eco-friendly wooden vault for as long as needed. We can store your stuff from just a couple of weeks to several months and even longer. At the moment we operate in and around Aberdeen, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and St Andrews.

We re-deliver your things for FREE

When you need your things again, just give us a call and we’ll arrange for them to be dropped off at the address you give us – for FREE. All you pay for is the actual storage, everything else is included in the service without any hidden or additional charges.

How much does student storage cost?

We don’t charge much although we say so ourselves, only £1 per standard box per week. We’ve got a handy price calculator online that you can play around with and that will give you an estimated price. The price estimator gives you an option of adding extra items, such as suitcase, chest of drawers, bicycle, guitar and so on. Bear in mind that there is a minimum total fee of £60.

How do I book it?

We give you the option of booking online through our student booking page or by calling 0845 430 9333 and booking over the phone. If you prefer to email us you can do that through our contact form, or fill out our call back form and we’ll get in touch with you instead.

I need my things shipped abroad, can you do it?

We do offer worldwide shipping services, so if you’re for example an exchange student who needs your things delivered to another country that is no problem. There is naturally an extra fee for this, just contact your nearest Flexistore and we’ll give you a no-obligation quote.

We’re happy to help

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our friendly advisors will help you out!



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