The Cheapest Ways to do World Cup 2014

The 2014 World Cup kicks off on the 12th of June (when hosts Brazil face Croatia in Sao Paulo) and the excitement is building. Are you doing some last-minute pondering over whether you may actually be able to make it to Brazil to catch some of the action in the flesh? We’ve put together this handy guide on the cheapest ways to enjoy the tournament.

Watch the World Cup from home

Yes, it does sound boring…but let’s be realistic too. If you’re a student then watching the tournament at your parents’ house while making use of the subsidised accommodation, electricity and fridge contents isn’t something to be sniffed at. In fact, you may just be able to save enough as a result to watch the matches while sporting the replica shirt of your chosen team!

Watch it from one of the other competing countries

Staying at home does sound kinda boring…but heading to Brazil itself could also be prohibitively expensive, so why not compromise? You can still get caught up in the World Cup atmosphere by visiting one of the other nations competing in the tournament and watching the matches there. Spain are the reigning World (and European) champions and the country is already a popular tourist destination. Whether you take in the tournament from a bar, a tapas restaurant or the beach…you’ll be able to have a relaxing and memorable time.

If you fancy somewhere slightly less established as a tourist destination then Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country making its World Cup debut this year and is sure to be buzzing when the tournament kicks off! Notable destinations include the capital, Sarajevo, and Mostar – famous for its iconic bridge.

Use comparison sites

If you do have your heart set on making it to Brazil at the last minute then do what you can to minimise those travel and accommodation expenses by using comparison websites. Find the cheapest flight options by using Skyscanner and seek out some accommodation bargains by getting onto Trivago.

Avoid Rio

No, not because he’ll still be in a mood about leaving Manchester United…we’re talking about the city of Rio de Janeiro. Though it’s often thought of as being the capital of Brazil, that honour in fact falls to Brasilia, which was purpose built to be the country’s capital. Though Rio may be Brazil’s most iconic and perhaps its most beautiful city, these factors combine to make it the most expensive too. Bear in mind that Brazil has already seen a price boom over the last few years as its economy has strengthened, throw in the World Cup too…and you really don’t want to be paying Rio prices if you can avoid it.

On the plus side, there are games taking place in a dozen Brazilian cities, from Manaus in the north of the country to Porto Alegre in the south. This also gives you the chance to work out how much of your budget to spend on sunblock. Manaus could get up to around 30c in June, while Porto Alegre will be significantly cooler. June highs there tend to be around 19c and the temperature can drop to around 10c.

Avoid the biggest crowds

If you’re happy just to take in any match at all then improve your chances of finding reasonably priced accommodation by picking a game involving sides that have brought less supporters. As a guide, the countries from which most tickets have been snapped up are –

  1. Brazil (1,041,000)
  2. USA (125, 465)
  3. Colombia (60,231)
  4. Germany (55,666)
  5. Argentina (53,809)
  6. England (51,222)
  7. Australia (40,446)
  8. France (34, 971)
  9. Chile (32,189)
  10. Mexico (30,238)

Experience life in the Favela

Brazil’s favelas (shanty towns) are famous or infamous depending on your point of view but improvements have been made to many of them in recent years. If you’re determined to experience Rio during the World Cup then staying in one of the favelas may be a more economical (and more memorable!) way to do it. You can find out more by visiting Of course (as you would anywhere) remember to stay vigilant and behave sensibly to minimise the potential for any problems.

Summer break from uni? Wondering what to do with your things?

If you are still making last minute plans for the World Cup then you should be focusing your energies on that, not on worrying about how to fit your things onto the train home for the summer. At Flexistore, we make student storage simple and affordable. We offer free collection and delivery and our storage rates start from only £1 per box per week. To find out more, to use our free online cost estimator or to make a booking, please visit our student online booking page.

Make sure you also read our previous post about This Summer’s Top Backpacking Destinations.



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